System Integration

At Narmi you will find a friendly and experienced team able to provide you with the highest IT support and installation services possible. But we don’t just stop there, Systems Integration encompasses everything IT, right from buying a new PC, the software to go on it, through to bespoke software written just for you. Our in-house design and programming team will even build you a new website or that iPhone app that you have always wanted making sure your business has the most recent technological developments available.

We are firm believers knowing what our customers want. So rather than offer you a range of products and services, we listen to what you want and design an IT service to give you exactly what you need. To us you are more than a customer, we take the time to understand your business as if it was our business; where you are currently and where you want to be, and by improving your productivity and efficiency, we help you get there. Why not call us and tell us what you want from your IT, we’re confident we can give you a pleasant surprise with what we can offer.

At Narmi, we believe that conscious and pragmatic systems engineering will deliver the overall project objectives by assuring that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Narmi has played an active role in System Integration for almost a decade.

As one of the world’s leading providers of professional, technology-based consultancy and support services, Narmi has played a prominent role in using, developing and sharing best practice in systems engineering.

Key to this effort has been our global systems engineering network made up of experienced specialists who champion cross-industry best practice, raise professional standards and engage with academia and learned institutions.

Working with systems engineers from our defense, highways, rail, marine, aerospace, retail, law & architecture businesses, the network supports Narmi operations in markets where systems engineering is totally embedded, where it is used but still novel and where it is not yet recognized.

Whatever the market, the ultimate aim remains constant: to leverage value for our customers by combining Atkins’ broad capability with a consistent, ‘excellent’ approach to systems engineering.