Narmi architect and develop robust online applications which are used to manage data securely. We have many years of experience in the specification, design and development of a variety of interactive applications which include event management systems, interactive database systems, secure payment systems and grant management systems.

Narmi’s approach application development by firstly ensuring we fully understand the requirements of the new system. Once we have a full understanding of the requirements and how the system will be used, our technical design team will architecturally map out the system using a series of wire frames. The purpose of the wire frames is to demonstrate the workflow of the application and highlight the key navigation for different user roles.

Once the application has been mapped out our development team will begin programming the system. We develop applications using a range of open source or commercial technologies including ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, PHP, MySQL, and Adobe ColdFusion. All applications we develop are thoroughly tested using a series of techniques which ensures that they are reliable, robust and secure.

We have successfully completed many application development projects, which include:

  • Specialized social network applications
  • Online payments systems with secure back-office integration
  • Learner management Systems
  • Secure information sharing portals
  • Grant management system application development
  • Event booking systems

Narmi have deep knowledge of designing simple and complex databases, applications and software from scratch and upgrading from existing platforms.  The database design and development services we offer include:

  • Understanding client data structures
  • Initial set up of Microsoft SQL and MySQL databases
  • Transfer and upgrading of data from existing databases
  • Set up of secure and resilient data replication
  • Database optimization and tuning
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

Mobile Applications

Narmi design and develop native and web-based mobile apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch) and Android platforms. Mobile apps can be developed to work standalone or to integrate with an existing web application or website.

Native mobile apps deliver content and functionality to users through an intuitive and optimized interface. Building on technology and features which are included in many smartphones allows clients to provide personalized or location based content to their users.

Web based apps are a more flexible alternative to a native app which can be compatible with a wider range of smartphones. Typically clients who wish to extend the reach of their existing web application may find it more cost effective to develop a web based app.