Retail Services

  • Retail Technology – The game changer
    What is the most appropriate, cost effective technology for your retail business, how can you implement it successfully and maximise the benefits from your investment? Our team can help you develop and deliver your IT strategy, review current operation, manage change programmes and recover projects quickly that are off track
  • Specialist led retail consultancy services
    We provide discrete, expert tailored counsel to CIO’s as and when required across the entire IT agenda.
  • Develop IT strategy
    Our combination of in depth IT and eCommerce skills enable us to develop a robust yet flexible IT strategy for the ever changing digital age. We ensure the IT strategy fully supports the wider business strategy today and in the future.
  • Technical strategy and roadmaps
    Once you have the IT Strategy plan, we can guide you to the most appropriate, fit for purpose technology for retail and enterprise architecture to deliver it. We’ll help you choose the right CMS or eCommerce platform, understand product roadmaps and upgrade options from the beginning.
  • Package and vendor selection
    If you are considering a new project we can help you with an affordable approach to managing the whole requirement gathering exercise, assessing supplier and choosing the right eCommerce solution and partners.
  • Contract negotiation
    We are highly skilled in contract negotiations from modest value contract rights up to complex multi-vendor multi million pound ERP programmes. Use us and you will get a better contract for less money.
  • Health Check/Cost Reviews
    A complete analysis across IT cost base and practical suggestions around cost reductions/realignment, investment priorities, improved procurement processes.
  • Project Management and QA services
    Whether you want an experienced programme or project manager or just some ad hoc independent Quality Assurance we have the expert capability to help you.
  • Project recovery and turnaround
    If it has all gone wrong or is heading that way, don’t panic: our senior team can quickly turn things around, resolve disputes, determine changes required and get things moving again quickly before things get worse.