Help Desk

Narmi’01 Computer Support will cure Home andĀ Small Business computers suffering from any of the following symptoms:

  • No power, freezing or hanging on start-up
  • Blue Screens, Unexplained crashing or restarting
  • Error messages in Windows start-up etc
  • Restoring slow computers to the original performing speed
  • Space Recovery on hard disk drive
  • Killing and removing computer viruses and worms
  • Removing Spyware, Malware, Pop-up and Malicious Software from your machine
  • Repairing / restoring / troubleshooting the Internet connection
  • Recovering / extracting data from faulty laptop or desktop computers
  • Installing / reinstalling / upgrading hardware and software
  • Resolving Networking Issues – reliability, connectivity, visibility, security, speed etc

Narmi Computer Support will also provide you with consultancy, advice and system setup:

  • Choosing the desktop or laptop that suits your style and budget
  • Building your machine to meet your specified requirements
  • Setting up your Home or Small Business Wireless Network
  • Advice on and purchase of required peripheral devices
  • Installing and configuring your email system
  • Setting up your Anti-Virus solution
  • Configuring sensible Internet “Parental Control” in your home
  • Setting up automatic Data Backup solutions
  • *** Configuring security on your wireless network – protecting sensitive data on your network from intruders***

And don’t forget our Narmi’01 One-2-One training solutions:

In the comfort of your own home or business with the hardware and software that you use on a day to day basis:

  • Getting the best out of the Internet
  • Using your Email effectively – friends, family, customers etc
  • Address book management and CRM Solutions
  • Word Processing & Using Spreadsheets
  • Managing your Accounts electronically
  • Electronic banking setup and management
  • Managing your electronic files

Whatever you want to do, Ace can help you get the best out of your computer.

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