Web & Video Production

Why Video Production?

The cost of video production has tumbled in the past few years just as the ability to communicate using video has grown rapidly through the internet.

A great video production conveys information clearly, quickly and in an entertaining fashion. Compared to print based media, a video production can be easily updated and re-edited to target a different audience.

These elements combined mean video production is now a cost effective communications resource for any business to use.


What We Do – Our Video Production Services

Our Staff will ensure clients take full advantage of the falling cost of video production and rising access to the online audience. We’ve been in business for over ten years and bring a wealth of experience to bear on any production.

Narmi01 provides a production manager to work with clients at every stage of the video production process. The production manager will offer plenty of free advice on all aspects of video: creative approaches, product placement and use of video within social media. This means our clients can relax and enjoy the video production process.

Narmi01 have all the elements required for your video production in-house. We shoot on the format of your choice be it 3D, high definition, DV, PAL or NTSC for the United States.

Because of our experience in live television and public relations we can work to any deadline, be it weeks or just hours.dvd_prod

We will also deliver your video production on the format of your choice. There are now so many ‘channels’ to choose from and, as they are all ‘free to air’ why restrict yourself?

Of course, produce a DVD and stream the video from your website, but also upload the video as part of social media campaign such as You Tube, Vimeo and Facebook. Put it inside your smart phone mobile site or iPad app as part of your m-commerce. Shoot You don’t charge our clients for video compression so you may as well.

Video Production: Who for?

Pretty much everyone and anyone! We’re increasingly asked to produce video for all areas of ‘business communication’. TV Commercials and Sales promotion videos for online customers or for use by their own sales force. We’re asked to produce video as part of a digital marketing and m-commerce (most recently within iPhone and iPad apps), advertising, or public relations campaigns. We work within human resources producing video for staff recruitment, induction, training and CRM.

Our Video Production Ethos

The tumbling cost of a video production is combined with a rising access to a huge- international- audience. This ‘access’ is completely free of charge, it has no punitive ‘media space’ fees or distribution costs. Unlike television, on-line video can be monitored and all the relevant metrics easily acquired: who watched the video production, for how long, and when. A video production represents a great return on investment.

In this ‘austere’, recessionary, time a video production also represents a cost effective alternative to paper. A video production immediately communicates information within a business or to an outside audience. A video production is much cheaper to produce than for example a glossy prospectus or annual report, and it can be easily updated year on year.

Cross Platform Apps

The birth of mobile phones brought us handy wireless communications devices but not much else. Over time as the mobile crs_plt_vid_prod

phone has evolved, they’ve become more than just a means to make phone calls. In its current incarnation, the mobile device is a phone, internet and email access-point, game system, PDA, MP3 player, calendar, and all-around must-have.

As smart phone adoption increases (expodentially, internationally, and across all demographics) the requirement for any business to build applications for mobile consumers is rapidly growing….

Guide to commissioning a video

Whether you’re about to commission a series of ‘talking head’ interviews by senior board members, or a sales promotion video to highlight your company USP’s the process of any video production is very similar. The process of pretty much any production can be split into three parts: pre production, production and post production.