Media Strategy & Placement

We live in a changing world and this needs changing businesses fueled by the bold, the brave, the inspired and people with a tenacity to succeed that sets them apart. We hear a lot about the digital revolution, this to some is an inspiration and opportunity whilst to others a mystery. Key to success in today’s world is integration across the enterprise to transform the culture and in marketing to transform the drive to market.med_plcmnt

Unless you wish to be relegated to the status of a cave man you need inspirational strategy rooted in all things digital. We need game changing ideas and innovation with game changing teams and approaches that will breathe new life into the organisation. Generating energy inside the culture that will bubble and fizz bringing a new found dimension and luster to the brand. To develop strategy today a new breed of person is needed. The pi (π) or middle brained person. Rooted in idea generation and innovation whist having the other side of the brain to develop crisp, analytic and objectively underpinned strategy, we can help!

We are fascinated by people’s capacity for innovation, creation, imagination and the power that this can bring to a strategy. One of today’s game changing possibilities is media. Not just in the marketing department, how dull! Rather across the whole business. How it can fuel idea generation and innovation, drive diversity, magnify creativity, and energize the whole organisation with a vigor and optimism like has never been seen before.



Having a game changing media / digital strategy that will win is good old fashioned integration principles underpinned by a new way of doing things. Social media integrated into the marketing mix to drive lead generation, customer relationships and loyalty, social media integrated into HR to develop your employer brand, to drive diversity, increase employee retention, improve talent management and drive employee acquisition. Social media integrated into operations driving social service and creating a differential or USP in your brand. Use media to energize the organisation and take stakeholder management to another level, we can help!