Using Technology to Drive Innovation & GROW Your Business

Companies are now faced with ground-breaking technologies that have changed the way they operate, market & promote to consumers. Business owners are in desperate need of finding solutions that will help improve their bottom line – increasing revenue and productivity. Digital tactics have also emerged, causing business executives to re-calibrate their existing strategies. In today’s world its critical you select the right technology solutions for your business based on size, industry, service, etc. In this session you will evaluate and learn which types of technologies will have the biggest impact on your company. Join our panelists as they share their insights and personal stories for how embracing the “change” developed a competitive advantage over rival businesses. Leave with a comprehensive understanding of how YOU can profit from the latest tools and newest gadgets.

Our Strategy Includes:

  • Latest and greatest technologies
  • Internet and online
  • Business software & applications
  • Computer Security
  • Hardware
  • Telecom & wireless
  • The bottom line – Cost?
  • How do you integrate new technologies into your existing mix?