Creative Marketing

Basic rules of thumb to follow:

  • Use less than 5 Trigger Words (Sale, Clearance, Discount, Buy Now, Apply Now, Earn Money, etc.)
  • No spelling errors
  • Avoid using capital letters
  • Your text version should match your HTML version
  • Avoid using a red font (or any red-based hue)
  • Avoid using a large font size (anything over 12pt)
  • Use the same size font throughout the entire Creative
  • Use the same font face throughout your entire email Creative
  • If you choose to bold some type, do so very minimally, if at all
  • Avoid using the % and $ sign within your copy
  • Avoid highlight copy
  • Copy to Image Ratio 1:1
  • Make certain your subject line is clean of spam word(s), concise and directly relates to the intent of the message
  • Keep subject lines under or close to 50 characters in length (including spaces)
    Example using 36 characters:  Stylish Summer Trends – June 1, 2009