Brand Visibility

If you haven’t given this much thought yet, below is a check list to be sure you are ready to broadcast your product, service and company everywhere.

  • Do you have a website ready with your own personal branding? If not, it’s time you had yourself branded by a professional. Consider creating another website devoted entirely to your product or service. Both of these need to be reviewed or created so you are ready to promote once that you are ready.
  • Be sure to create a new Facebook page with the title of your product or company name. This can either be its own separate page, or it can be a custom page under your current author page.
  • Start creating advance Facebook, Google+ posts and Tweets using hashtags you will be using regarding your product or service. (such as: #duilaw)
  • Create a Pinterest board for your product, company or service, so you can post graphics, photos, and videos.
  • Make sure to post video of signings, talks, and events to your YouTube channel, and if the YouTube channel isn’t branded, do it.
  • Perhaps a great time to add audio and create your podcast station? (Talkshoe, Blog Talk Radio)
  • Make sure your Twitter and Google Plus accounts are branded also with the correctly sized graphics.
  • Create other print marketing that you can give to others at events or to help in promotion, such as: bookmarks, flyers, postcards, magnets, business type cards but for the book, perhaps with a special discount code?
  • Send out a press release about your products, services or company, with links to all the web presence pages.
  • Send advance copies to a group of influential people who will write reviews for you on social media as well as for your website. Share those on social media too.
  • Review your LinkedIn profile and all other profiles and make sure all content is up to date and all new links are added in.