About Us

Business Development is a complicated process. In many ways, effective business development is more of an art than a science. Part of the process involves the integral day-to-day business practices of the company who’s brand is undergoing development: Without excellent customer relations, good products and/or services on offer, and consistent, reliable quality, poor word of mouth can undermine the most comprehensive, professional development campaign.¬†Narmi has years of experience providing top notch development services to top quality companies throughout the globe. With offices in Irvine California, Kauai Hawaii, Osaka Japan, and vested interest’s with a global presence and experience to make the most of your business development efforts.

Business development can encompass many different aspects of promoting your company and good business name. From traditional promotion like web, seo, radio and television advertising campaigns, to identity promotion such as sponsoring products, services, events and charities in communities, Narmi can promote your brand anywhere from the streets of Orange County California to the China countryside. While many firms can offer excellent services, or quality publicity and promotion in their local area, Narmi is one of the few Global firms that offers global business development services to small, medium and domestic ¬†& global corporations, on par with those employed by top international corporations. If you thought “business development” was something out of reach for your company, think again!